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Senex Bulletin

Online Safety and Security Information Bulletin

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Surviving a Knife Attack

Maintaining a Reactionary Gap

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Senex Services Inc.

"Enhancing Your Overall Safety & Security Preparedness"

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Senex Bulletin - "Safety, Security and Law Enforcement Information Bulletin"

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Article Archives

Senex Bulletin Article Archives - "Surviving a Knife Attack", "Training Your Trigger Finger", "Gun Safety Key Notes", etc...

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Safety & Security Equipment

Information on Safety and Security Equipment that can be used to enhance your personal, corporate, governmental organizations overall safety and security preparedness.

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Professional Training

Without professional training, you may not be READY to properly respond during an Attack. Will you be READY to Respond Effectively Against an Attack and Defend Yourself, your family, and your critical assets?

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Safety & Security Tips

Ignorance and Carelessness are the major causes of gun accidents. A lack of knowledge of firearm safety or operation (ignorance), or the failure to apply one’s knowledge when handling a gun (carelessness) are the major causes of gun accidents.

Recent Senex Bulletin Publications:

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Major General Killed In Action by a “Green-on-Blue” Attack in Afghan Training Base

A man in an Afghan Army uniform opened fire Tuesday at a military base, killing U.S. Maj. Gen. Harold Greene and wounding 15 people, among them a German brigadier general and a number […]

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Vehicle Code 339472 Violation

Being a Cop is Tough…Nobody’s ever happy to see you…Law Enforcement is Serious work…always dealing with serious issues…watch this video and you’ll see for yourself. Sheriff Greg Hagwood, Plumas County, CA. Read More

Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Integrated Baton Training:

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